Music Lesson Practice Challenge

150 Day Practice Challenge Program

Here at the Academy of Music we are always looking for fun and creative ways to help you succeed in music.  As you know we already have the Musical Ladder System and we host music recitals and events several times a year.  We believe that setting regular musical goals is essential to your growth as a musician (at every level).  With all this in mind we would like to introduce our brand new:  150 Day Practice Challenge Program!

The 150 Day Practice Challenge is a fun way to help you set musical goals and earn cool buttons, certificates, and medals along the way!

This does not affect the Musical Ladder System.  Both programs work together to help you get more out of your music lessons.  The Musical Ladder System and the 150 Day Practice Challenge are available to all of our students at no additional cost.

How Does It Work?

  • Each 150 day challenge has 5 levels.
  • The levels are Sixteenth Note, Eighth Note, Quarter Note, Half Note, and Whole Note.
  • You will be presented with a new button at every level until you reach 150 days of practice.  Pin the buttons on your lanyard.
  • When you complete Stage One (5 buttons) you will receive a certificate of achievement.  Then, on to Stage 2!
  • Each stage will have a different colored button.
  • EXTRA:  If you complete a stage (5 buttons) in less than 6 months you will also receive a SPECIAL AWARD MEDAL and 2 FREE MOVIE TICKETS!

 The Rules

  • Parents must initial each day’s accomplishment in the boxes.  Then you bring the completed challenge sheet to the Academy to get your button and a new sheet for the next level.
  • You do not have to practice for 150 days straight, but you do need to complete 150 days total in order to receive your certificate.
  • If you accomplish a stage within 6 months you will also receive a special award medal and 2 free movie tickets

That’s It.  Let’s get this practice party started!