Music Lesson Update May 2022

There are a few things today on our agenda that I’d like to talk about. The first one is the success of our recitals. 

Music Lesson Update May 2022


Hello there, my name is James and I’m the Director for the academy of music in Oakville, Burlington, and Georgetown Ontario and I’m here with a quick video update for May 2022.

There are a few things today on our agenda that I’d like to talk about. The first one is the success of our recitals.  A few weeks ago, at the Oakville Center for the Performing Arts and at a lovely church in Georgetown many of our students from Oakville, Burlington, and Georgetown came and did their recitals.  I had the opportunity to emcee all the events this time and one of the things that I noticed is that our little performers were very strong musically.  They all played well; they were all very well rehearsed. It was just a nice job overall so well-done! Congratulations to you and of course to your teachers.

On that note we are going to have a Student Appreciation Day and Outdoor Recital in august. In Oakville we’re going to do it on August 7th, and in Georgetown we’re going to do it on August 14th.  There’ll be an outdoor recital where you perform.  We’ll have a bouncy castle.  We’ll have some water events, some games, and some prizes.  We’ll also have a free barbecue with hamburgers, hot dogs, and vegetarian hamburgers for those who wish to have that.  We encourage you to come out.   Perhaps bring your friends, and bring your parents for lunch on us, and perform for us your beautiful music.

Next, I’d like to welcome all the new students.  Since my last update we have welcomed over a hundred new music students into our academies!  Welcome to you!   We’re thrilled that you chose the Academy of Music for your music lessons, and we hope that we’re going to be an important part of your musical journey.

The last thing today is, as of July 1st, 2022, the Peel Music Academy, which is one of Brampton’s oldest music schools is going to join the Academy of Music family.  We will be taking over and introducing all of the great programs that we have in our other studios.  The Musical Ladder System, the free recitals a few times a year, the Practice challenge, and of course all our great teachers and programs will now be available to the Brampton community so we’re very excited about that.

I think that’s everything for today. I’d like to take a moment to say thank you again for supporting the Academy of Music and more importantly for supporting your children and yourselves perhaps on this musical journey

Thanks again, and take care


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