Music Lesson Update – June 2024

We just finished up May which  is  Mental  Health  Awareness  Month  so  we  did  some  research  to  find  out  how  music  helps  with  mental  health.

Welcome  back  everybody!

My  name  is  Tanya  and this is Vanessa and we  are  here  with  your  June  update  of  all  the  new  and  exciting  things  that  you  need  to  know  about  the  Academy  of  Music.

What’s on today’s  agenda:

– welcoming  our  new  students
– wishing  students  and  staff  a  very  happy  birthday
– retirement  home  showcase  highlights
– teacher  and  student  of  the  month
– spirit  week
– summer fun pack
– promotion  and  referral  offer
– our  tips  and  tricks  segment

Let’s start by welcoming  over 40  of  our  new  students this month! We are so happy to have you join  us  to  help  you  take  on  your  musical  journey. 

Next  let’s  help  celebrate  our  students  with  June  birthdays. We have 20 students ready to celebrate another turn around the sun!

We also get to say happy birthday to  our  guitar  teachers  Tyson  and  Derek 

Retirement home showcases:

We  love  being  able  to  provide  new  experiences  to  our  students  and  families and to help to  encourage  different  ways  to  learn  how  to  give  back  to  our  communities. Just  a  few  weeks  ago,  May  14th,  we  were  able  to  bring  students  to  Mountainview  Residence  in  Georgetown. Students  were  able  to  play  songs  to  a  group  of  residents.  It’s  very  special  to  be  able  to  show  our  students  the  power  of  community  and  how  to  share  their  talents  and  their  skills they  have  to  give  back  to  the  community.

Check  out  below  for  some  pictures  of  that  event  and  we  will  absolutely  be  keeping  you  posted  for  a  showcase  near  you  to  be  able  to  sign  up  and  share  your  music  as  well!

Student and Teacher of the Month:

Moving  right  along  to  our  student  and  teacher  of  the  month.

Our June student  of  the  month for  showing  consistent  dedication,  practice,  and  excitement  goes  to Elyse.  So  congratulations to you and keep up the amazing work!

Our  teacher  of  the  month  is  Makayla  in  our  Burlington  location. She’s  very  bubbly  and  a  personable  teacher  and  she’s  also  great  with  all  of  her  students  so  congratulations  to  Makayla.

Summer Fun Pack:

Summertime  is  a  fantastic  way  to  pick  up  a  new  instrument  and  share  your  music  with  friends  and  family  over  a  campfire  or  at  a  fun  family  get  together. Working  with  musicians,  we  know  that  summer  means  more  concerts  to  attend  and  play  and  more  outside  shows  to  get  to.  So  in  June  we  will  have  a  special  offer  available  to  anyone  starting  a  new  weekly  lesson.  And  yes,  this  can  be  for  you  or  anyone  you  know.  Once  you  register  in  June,  you’ll  get  the  first  lesson  free  and  a  summer  fun  pack  of  goodies  for a beach  day. 

Tell  your  friends  and  we  will  enter  you  in  our  pizza  day  draw.

Tips and Tricks:

We just finished up May which  is  Mental  Health  Awareness  Month  so  we  did  some  research  to  find  out  how  music  helps  with  mental  health. 

What  we’ve  learned:
– listening  to  music  alone  reduces  stress  and  helps  you  overcome  stress  faster
– it  also  lowers  your  blood  pressure  and  your  heart  rate

Music  gives  you  a  chance  to  kind  of  get  out  of  your  head,  think  a bit differently –  let  your  thoughts  maybe  come  out  through  music  with  some  thoughtful  lyrics.  It  also  lets  you  have  a  little  bit  of  a  fantasy  through  the  music  which  is  really  nice.

Listening to music  is  amazing  for  what  it  does  to  the  brain but being  able  to  play  music  is  one  of  the  ways  to  use  both  hemispheres  of  your  brain  and  they  come  together  to  work  together.

Playing music helps with:
– building strong  pathways between the two hemispheres of your brain

What does this help with?
– problem  solving  and  emotional  resilience

We  love  that  we  get  to  work  in  an  industry  that  builds  the  student’s  confidence  and  gives  them  a  creative  outlet  for  the  most  exciting  times  and  positive  times  as  well  as  any  challenges  that  they  might  face  along  the  way.

We  can’t  wait  to  keep  making  music  with  you  this  summer.  We’ll  see  you  guys  all  again  in  July!


Check out a couple highlights from the shows!

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Maria R. (Piano)
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Hector G. (Piano)
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Tuesdays: SOLD OUT
Wednesdays: 1 SLOT LEFT
Thursdays: 1 SLOT LEFT 

Heather W. (Piano & Voice)
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Alexandra P. (Piano & Voice)
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Joe P. (Piano)
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Edmund B. (Piano)
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Justus H. (Guitar & Ukulele)
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Korina E. (Piano & Voice)
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Nathan F. (Piano & Voice)
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Fridays: SOLD OUT

Mario P. (Guitar & Ukulele)
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Jake K. (Guitar, Piano, Ukulele)
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Wednesdays: SOLD OUT
Thursdays: 1 SLOT LEFT

Anthony (Guitar & Ukulele)
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Jonathan (Piano)
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Anirudh (Guitar & Ukulele)
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Graham D. (Piano & Voice)
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Saturdays: 1 SLOT LEFT

Han (Violin)
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Margaret P. (Piano & Violin)
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Devi L. (Piano)
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Wednesdays: SOLD OUT
Sundays: 1 SLOT LEFT

Justin K. (Drums & Piano)
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Thursdays: New day for piano
Friday: 2 SLOTS LEFT

Maddy L. (Piano & Voice)
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Tuesdays: 2 SLOTS LEFT

Eric T. (Guitar)
Mondays: SOLD OUT

Adam E. (Piano)
Mondays: 1 SOLD OUT

Tuesdays: 1 SLOT LEFT
Wednesdays: 1 SLOT LEFT

Lidiia K. (Piano & Voice)
Mondays: SOLD OUT

Maria M. (Piano)
Tuesdays: 1 SLOT LEFT

Robert P. (Guitar & Ukulele)
Tuesdays: 1 SLOT LEFT

JC. A. (Piano)
Mondays: 1 SLOT LEFT

Thursdays: 3 SLOTS LEFT
Fridays: 2 SLOTS LEFT

Maddy L. (Piano & Voice)
Mondays: SOLD OUT
Tuesdays: 3 SLOTS LEFT
Wednesdays: SOLD OUT
Saturdays: 1 SLOT LEFT

Makayla (Piano)
Saturdays: 2 SLOTS LEFT


Spirit Week – Safari Week – June 16-22
Canada Day – CLOSED – July 1
Civic Holiday – August 5 – OPEN
Winter Recital – December 13-15
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (Destination Recital) – April 26, 2025


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