Academy of Music Video Update February 2020 Georgetown

So, we'll start things off.  Tanya, would you like to tell us about the recitals?  Sure, so they are for March first and second for Oakville and for May 3rd in Georgetown.

Video Update Transcription

Hello everyone my name is James. I’m the director for the academy of music in Oakville in Georgetown as well as the in-home programs this is Tanya our manager. This is our February monthly video update, of course it’s designed in order to keep our parents informed on everything happening at the school so that you can have a better experience with us.

So, we’ll start things off.  Tanya, would you like to tell us about the recitals?  Sure, so they are for March first and second for Oakville and for May 3rd in Georgetown.  There are sign-up sheets at each desk at each location so sign up quickly before the time slots are filled up.  A quick note as well on the recitals.  The recitals don’t cost anything to participate in, we don’t charge an admission fee, we don’t charge anything like that.  We do ask for donations, cash donations for an organization that we care about called food for kids Halton.  Those would be made at the recital.  There’s no obligation and there’s no certain amount that you would have to donate but to come it’s absolutely free.  So please bring your parents and grandparents and siblings and friends and anybody who wants to come out.  Our recitals are not for the elite students only. They’re for everyone of all levels and all ages so if you’re not sure if the recital is for you the answer is yes, yes absolutely for you it’s really really important that you get out and perform.  Just the simple act of preparing the music to perform for people helps you to become a better musician, and then when everybody claps and cheers it feels amazing, so that’s that.  Tanya, let’s talk about our referral contest.

All right so any time you refer somebody both you and the new student will get entered into our referral draw for four seasons passes to Canada’s Wonderland as well as parking for the season too, and you both get a $25.00 Amazon gift card!  That’s pretty cool!  We love referrals and you know what’s amazing?  We get an awful lot of our students on a regular basis coming in from referrals from happy families like yourself.

The draw for the “did you watch your news update contest”,  Every month we do a draw. We’re going to give you a secret word in a minute.  When you contact us with the secret word we enter you into next month’s draw and that draw is for a $25 Amazon gift card!  So, who’s our lucky winner?  Our winner is Jack Kozik.  Jack Kozik!  congratulations buddy! Your $25 gift card coming your way.  Remember to watch the video update every single month.  What is the secret word for this video?  Saxophone!  saxophone!  Please don’t post it in the comments and give it away.  Text us, call us, tell us in person, email us but don’t broadcast it.

Okay, so a real quick  welcome to new students.  There’s too many students that registered for us to name each individual one though we care very much about you.  We do want the video to be relatively short so please welcome all 58 students that registered for music lessons in January!  Welcome aboard, we’re so glad to have you, and of course thank you and we appreciate everyone that has been with us or for longer.

The new program really quickly.  We have a musical ladder system and that’s specifically designed to motivate kids to practice but… we love adding new things and giving more opportunities for children to learn and grow so we have a really cool motivational program, a practice challenge coming up!  We’re going to launch that on March first.  That’s all I’ll tell you right now but it is going to be free for our clients.  It’s just going to be a part of what you already get here.

I forgot to mention Disney!  Oh that’s right, we are going to do a Disney recital in the
summertime.  I don’t have a date for it just yet but tell us about the Disney recital do you remember?  No.  Basically you play any Disney song that you want to play anywhere across the board and we’re going to encourage you to dress in your favorite Disney characters.  We’ll have contests for the best costume and the coolest songs.  We don’t have all the details worked out but it’s going to be super awesome!  So, I think that’s about it for today right?  I think so. Thank You Tanya.  Thank you.  Thank you everyone have a great day!!

Music Student of the Month

So we’re here with the February student of the month which is Jenelle.  Jenelle is one of our students here and we have some questions for you Jenelle if you don’t mind?  So Jenelle,

Q. How old are you?
A. I’m 12 years old

Q. okay and how long have you been taking lessons?
A. For 6 months

Q. okay, what instrument do you play?
A. I play the violin

Q. okay very cool, do you have a favorite song to play or sing?
A.  No, I don’t really have a favorite song

Q. no nothing right now okay what do you like most about your teacher?
A. That she understands and that she can help me when I’m stuck or if I don’t understand something.

Q. that’s good if you can tell someone who’s thinking about taking music lessons anything what would you tell them?
A. That it’s fun to try and if you don’t like it can always do another instrument.

Fair enough, sounds good.  Well congratulations Jenelle and awesome, good work,  keep it up okay!


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